Natural Paints

Boncote Cement Paint

Made in Australia since 1920, Boncote is a highly durable cement-based protective coating that “cross-links” with existing masonry to weatherproof, colour, protect and beautify.

Interno Lime Wash

Interno Lime Wash is designed for interior use, and replicates the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash without exposure to the elements.

Interior Distemper

Porter’s Interior Distemper is a superbly creamy chalk based paint that dries to a velvet-like finish with a beautifully subtle natural colour variation.

Lime Wash

Porter’s Original Lime Wash is a unique lime based coating blended with natural pigments that creates a soft weathered patina.

Milk Paint

Porter’s Milk Paint has a rustic, chalky appearance that delivers beachside style or country charm, instantly softening and ageing the look of new furniture and complimenting old.

Mineral Paint

Porter’s Mineral Paint is a premium silicate paint providing unparalleled colourfastness and durability. Designed to be painted onto render and other unpainted masonry surfaces.

Roman Cement

Porter’s Roman Cement is a high quality coloured, acrylic modified cement render that eliminates the need for painting and maintenance, whilst providing a natural finish with richness and depth of colour.