Preparation & Protection

All Purpose Clear Sealer

An interior use non-yellowing satin finish sealer that is suitable for floors, wall and furniture and is the only clear sealer recommended for use over Porter's Milk Paint and Porter's Fresco.

Bee's Wax, Lime Wax & Black Antique Wax

A selection of premium grade wax polishes made with the finest Australian bee's wax.

Cement Crack Sealer

For use prior to painting over new cement render or bagging that shows non-structural hairline cracking. Designed to bridge cracks up to 0.3mm.


Heavy duty Clearcote is an odourless, fast drying, water-based clear finish suitable for most interior and exterior surfaces. Has superior exterior durability, excellent UV stability and advanced yellowing resistance.

Instant Rust Clear Sealer

Designed for use when protection, sealing or isolation is required on interior or exterior surfaces that have been finished with Porter's Liquid Iron and Instant Rust.

Limeproof Undercoat Sealer

An exterior/interior use undercoat primer/sealer that can be applied to bare surfaces as an undercoat, or for use over previously painted surfaces as an undercoat primer.

Matt Wall Sealer

An interior use product that is recommended as a protective clear sealer specifically designed for use over Porter's Interno or Porter's Interior Distemper. Makes these matt decorative finishes wipeable.

Mineral Silicate Primer

A water based mineral silicate primer specifically for use with Porter's Mineral Paint, and also is sometimes specified as a primer for new interior set plaster prior to undercoating.

Salt Check

Salt Check s a water thinnable, solvent free emulsion that serves as a high quality general purpose water repellent for impregnating and priming mineral surfaces (cement render, bricks etc) to inhibit efflourescence.

Stucco Wax

A superb blend of fine waxes especially formulated as a protective finish over Porter's Fresco or Porter's Interior Distemper. Dries to a hard finish and can be buffed to achieve desired gloss.

Tannin Check

A pre-treatment to inhibit tannin migration through water based paint systems.

Universal Primer

A tough all-purpose primer for use when extra masking or isolation of the substrate is required, such as over oil-based paints or for timber prone to tannin bleed.