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Wide Board Finished Floors

Extremely durable and beautifully hand finished

Porter's Finished Floors are made from beautiful French Oak, hand brushed or scraped to achieve a variety of colour and finish choices, and protected with UV cured Aluminium Oxide clear finish for long lasting protection. We specialise in wide boards and pre-finished timber for floors and cabinetry, and source our product from the world's leading manufacturer.

The Benefits of Porter's Engineered Timber Floors:

Multiple layers of quality ply are used to ensure stability. When compared to solid timber floorboards, the longer spans give a smoother more seamless finish, and the superior engineering eliminates "cupping", a warping problem that can occur in solid timber, especially in wider widths. Engineered timber floors are extremely stable and many of the problems that effect floor laying, such as drying, shrinkage and moisture expansion, are eliminated or reduced.

Sizing and Measurements:

Porter's French Oak Floors are a luxurious 20mm deep, incorporating 6mm of solid French Oak over a multi-ply base. Available in:

20/6mm x 260mm wide x 2200mm long

20/6mm x 189mm wide x 2200mm long

Timber Grades, Finishes and Colours:

Our floor boards are hand-scraped and rubbed to develop an aged, worn-in look, and we use a UV cured Aluminium Oxide clear finish for durability and to provide a low lustre.

Our flooring is quality checked at all stages of the production process, and all individual floorboards are carefully graded by the manufacturer according to their appearance. Porter's French Oak Flooring is Select Grade, also known as ABC. Features taken into account when grading timber include colour variations, sap content, mineral lines, light edges and the number and size of knots. Individual floor boards may have none, one or a number of these features. ABC grade means smaller knots, narrower light edges and fewer black lines, but of course timber is a natural product and we don't believe in grading out these beautiful features. Oak trees take hundreds of years to grow and that allows plenty of time for insects to establish homes and for sap, knots and cracks to develop, so naturally all timber will feature such characteristics.

Some of our floorboards are "smoked" or "fumed", for example Seychelles. Ammonia fuming is a traditional process for darkening and enriching the colour of oak, discovered by observing the way that oak beams in stables darkened over time, a chemical reaction of ammonia with the natural tannins in the timber. This beautiful rich cappucino brown colour runs throughout the thickness of the boards, so even after sanding they retain their colour.

Quality Details:

Before the floors are manufactured each layer of timber in the floor, including the oak veneer and each of the layers of ply, all spend a minimum of 30 days in a "Balancing Room". This is a carefully monitored temperature controlled environment that brings the moisture content in the timber to between 6% and 8%, ensuring structural stability. This painstaking process eliminates cupping, warping and delamination, and ensures that Porter's Finished Floors are of the highest quality available.

Porter's Finished Floors are tongue and grooved both on the sides and at the ends. Our boards are also supplied with sufficient random shorter lengths, deliberately done to allow the installer to avoid repetition of joins. The thick oak top layer is deep enough to be sanded and refinished approximately 4 times, if required. Also available are solid oak cover strips and solid oak nosings in matching finishes.

Tried and Tested:

FIRE RATINGPorter's French Oak Finished Floors have been tested by the CSIRO to Australian and International Standard IS ISA 9239.1 and meet the Building Code of Australia's Critical Radiant Flux and Smoke Value requirements. A Test Report is available upon request. (Test number FNR 11689).


Slip tested by the CSIRO to AS/NZS 4586:2013. AS 45686:2013 is a Slip Resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. Appendix A: WET Pendulum (Slider 96). Result: 48. The CSIRO classification for Porter's French Oak floors is P4.

A copy of the original test certificate is available upon request. P0 materials have the least slip resistance, while P5 have the most. In order to interpret the classifications, please refer to "Standards Australia Handbook 198, An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surface Materials", which recommends minimum classifications for a wide variety of locations.

Copies of the original test certificates are available upon request.

We can deliver anywhere in Australia. Porter's Paints are a member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association.