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How to Wallpaper

  • Estimation of number of rolls

For a standard wall, you should get 3 drops to a roll for a room with a standard ceiling height (2.5m).

Check the length of the wall.

Divide the length of the wall by the width of the wallpaper (usually 530mm).

Divide that number by 3 and you will get the number of rolls needed.

Example with a 6 metres length wall:

Divide 6 by  0.530 (wallpaper roll width)  = 11.3

Divide 11.3 by 3 (number of drops per roll )  = 3.7 rolls

We recommend to purchase 4 rolls.

Check that all rolls are the same batch number

It will ensure consistency of colour and pattern.

  • Pasting paper

Count 1.5kg of paste per roll. We recommend Porter's Wallpaper Paste.

With a utility knife, cut a length of paper of 10cm longer than the wall, to ensure the pattern matches up.

Apply an even coat of paste over entire back surface of paper, ensuring edges are well pasted.

Fold each end of the paper to meet in the middle, and then allow it to relax for 5 to 15 mins to soften the paper.

  • Hanging paper

Find the most level area to start papering. Use a spirit or a plum bob to find a straight start point.

Smooth paper from centre to edge with a smoothing brush to remove bubbles.

Trim top and bottom using a sharp utility knife.

Continue with the next piece.

  • Cleaning

Use a damp cloth with clean water; wipe off any paste on the surface of the paper.