Speciality Finishes

Aqua Enamels

Porter's Aqua Enamel is a water based acrylic enamel, available in a super shiny Gloss or sophisticated Satin, that dries to an extremely hardwearing finish for interior or exterior use.

Ceiling Flat

A quick drying, ultra white, matt acrylic paint for interior ceilings,

Chalk Emulsion

A decorative matt paint with a chalky appearance for painting furniture.

Chalkboard Paint

Get creative and transform any surface into a chalkboard with Porter’s Chalkboard paint! Perfect for cafes, kitchens, workplaces and children’s play areas.

Concrete Wash

Porter’s Concrete Wash is a translucent coating that subtly colours and softens the appearance of interior concrete floors, exterior slabs, concrete pathways and pavers.

Crackle Medium

Porter’s Crackle Medium is an easy to use medium for creating antique and decorative crackle effects on furniture, walls, picture frames, trim and other decorative elements.

Duchess Satin

Porter’s Duchess Satin is a pearlescent paint used to decorate walls and accessories with the rich lustre of satin fabric.

French Wash

Porter’s French Wash creates the look of delicate broken colour – a subtle marble-like finish which was discovered centuries ago by European masters.


Porter’s Fresco is a hard wearing finish designed to replicate the cool lustre of the trowelled plaster walls of ancient European buildings.

Industrial Lustre

Industrial Lustre creates a rich shimmer on all interior and exterior surfaces with an intriguing glitter effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide.

Liquid Bronze & Bronze Verdigris

The beauty of ancient bronze is now available for broad wall areas, door frames, architectural moldings and other objects with Porter’s Liquid Bronze.

Liquid Copper & Patina Green

Porter’s Liquid Copper & Patina Green are used together to recreate copper with the green patination of age.

Liquid Gold

Use Porter’s Alchemy Liquid Gold to create large-scale drama on broad wall areas, or just add a subtle touch of luxury and sophistication to trim, picture frames and furniture.

Liquid Iron & Instant Rust

Create an authentic rusted iron effect on any paintable surface with Porter’s Liquid Iron and Instant Rust.

Liquid Stainless Steel

Porter’s Liquid Stainless Steel gives an authentic sleek, stylish stainless steel effect. Liquid Stainless Steel adds warmth, purity and urban chic to any décor.

Liquid Tin

Porter's Liquid Tin replicates hard to come by architectural tin, and is perfect for creating a handmade or vintage tin finish.

Liquid Zinc

Porter’s Liquid Zinc authentically replicates the soft grey patina of architectural zinc. Inspired by the ornamentation of the grand palaces and cathedrals of Europe.

Palm Beach Black

Palm Beach Black is a water-based, colourfast black stain for all timber types, interior or exterior.

Perfect Floor Paint

Porter's Perfect Floor Paint is a quick drying premium quality acrylic paint for both wooden and concrete floors that gives exceptional coverage and a lasting finish.


Porter’s Toughcote is a tough, water-based acrylic polymer textured membrane coating for the protection and decoration of exterior walls.

Venetian Glaze

Porter’s Venetian Glaze is a water-based high gloss glaze that brings life, depth and translucency to surfaces.

Wood Wash

Porter’s Wood Wash is a translucent coating that subtly softens and ages the appearance of bare timber, highlighting the grain and replicating the look of limed or bleached timber.